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Diversity Articles

Ah, yes, the dreaded d-word. Diversity can be loaded territory in the workplace. Even though having a diverse taskforce is proven to increase productivity, too many companies treat it simply as empty lip service. Here's the ways diversity can help you and your company (present and future).
This Company’s Goals for Flexibility and Remote Work Will Shock (and Delight) You
What Dell wants women to know about what it’s like to work there
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This Company Is Walking the Talk on Diversity and Inclusion — Here’s How
Weebly shares their formula for creating a culture of respect and empowerment
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This Low Code Software Company Sets a High Bar for Inclusion Practices
Respect for the “whole person” drives Appian’s diversity initiatives
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This Cybersecurity Company’s Secret Weapon? Diversity.
We asked Palo Alto Networks to give us the inside scoop on how they support gender diversity and inclusion — here's what we learned.
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Insight & Commentary
Silicon Valley’s Diversity Gap: Minority Women Affected Most
A new study on the intersection of race and gender in the tech industry reveals a number of worrying trends.
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Insight & Commentary
Google, Memos, and Stereotype Threat
The recent firestorm at Google has brought to light some of the misconceptions floating around in the tech industry and elsewhere, and has introduced many of us to the issue of stereotype threat in the workplace.
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Fidelity’s Women-Focused Culture Breaks the Mold in a Male-Dominated Industry
Female representation at top career levels, attractive benefits and perks, and a company culture that values women are all representative of Fidelity’s commitment to supporting its employees. High scores from women on InHerSight is an A+ bonus.
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