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Working Mom Articles

You love your kids, but that hasn't mean you're done with having a career. You want to have it all! And you can. Here's what every working mom needs to know about maternity leave, paid time off, flexibility, and other support they deserve from their companies.
Equal Pay Day
The Working Woman’s Guide to Pregnancy Insomnia
How to sleep like a baby (when you’re growing a baby)
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Data & Research
Why Breadwinning Women Underreport Their Salaries
Women who make more money than their husbands tend to downplay their earnings. Coincidence? We think not!
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Insight & Commentary
The Messy Reality of American Maternity Leave Policy
How America does (and, often, doesn’t) take care of its new moms
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How To
Managing Maternity Leave…Like a Mother
An awesome new resource for working moms transitioning back to the office
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Microsoft, Mindy Kaling, Pregnancy Discrimination, and More
Badass women and the news that affects them
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Insight & Commentary
What Makes Sweden So Great for Working Women?
Hint: It's not the Ikea meatballs or candy fish
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Insight & Commentary
What Working Moms Really Want
InHerSight data shows flexibility, paid time-off, and equal opportunity are a must
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How To
5 Tips for Getting the Job After a Career Break
Feeling ready to return? Here are some strategies for turning that readiness into reality.
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Working Women
9 Ways Women Are Reshaping the Business World
Happy Valentine's Day! This year, we thought we'd share a few of the things we love that women are doing to shape the world.
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Data & Research
Ambition Gap? Think Again.
According to data recently compiled by Accenture, mothers who are still in the workforce are no less likely to demonstrate ambition than their childless peers, dispelling the myth that after childbirth women lose commitment to their jobs.
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Female-Friendly Companies
25 Great Companies for Future Moms
We’ve got our fingers crossed that the six weeks of paid family leave making headlines this week as part of President Trump’s budget plan -- or one of the twelve week counter proposals -- gets approved, since the U.S. is one of the only developed countries that doesn’t guarantee paid leave. But before that happens...
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