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Equal Opportunities

You work hard at your job, but do you have the same opportunities as your male coworkers? Find out which companies value (and some that don't) equal opportunities and learn how to push for equal treatment so we can crash through that glass ceiling.

Data & Research

Women Now Feel Worse About Their Career Prospects

Professional women share their outlook on their career prospects in light of the election results

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Female-Friendly Companies

7 Companies Committed to Having Women at the Top

Here's a list of companies that get high scores for female representation in management from the women working directly at the companies.

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Female-Friendly Companies

Looking for Companies That Support Equal Opportunities for Men and Women? Try Retail.

Two female retail CEOs resigning from their roles in the past week, at American Apparel and Lands End, had us looking at our ratings for retailers — and we had some interesting findings about the opportunities for women in the retail space.

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Insight & Commentary

3 Companies Launching Programs to Advance Working Women

Here are some innovative equal opportunity initiatives that we think are worth replicating.

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Data & Research

The Best (and Worst) Industries for Career-Focused Millennial Women

Millennials aren’t willing to settle for less than the best when it comes to their careers, and research has shown that millennials are quitting and/or planning to quit their jobs in droves. One of the factors driving this is a desire for upward mobility that they just aren’t finding in their current jobs.

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Data & Research

The Truth Is in the Data: The Top 5 Ways to Recruit More Women

Before you update your career website or write your next job description, find out what women really value most from their employers.

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Insight & Commentary

Power in Numbers: Women Fight for Equality at Work With Data, Not Sticks

Here’s why we aren’t all marching in the streets...and why that's okay

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