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Insight & Commentary

Lived experience is the best teacher. Hear insights and commentary from real women in the workforce. They've got stories, experience, and advice to help you in your career.

Insight & Commentary

10 Olivia Benson & Mariska Hargitay Quotes That’ll Give You Chills

Wisdom from the the leading woman of Law and Order: SVU

Insight & Commentary

7 Hilarious Women You Need on Your Twitter Feed

These funny ladies are the reason we love Twitter.

Insight & Commentary

10 Amazing Women-Centric Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Candid accounts on women’s lives, loves, and cultures

Insight & Commentary

Must-Reads by Female Authors to Curl Up and Get Cozy With

Looking for the best books of 2018? No need to check Goodreads; these fabulous women authors have you covered

Insight & Commentary

7 Hidden Figures of STEM

We’re not waiting for the next movie for another burst of inspiration

Insight & Commentary

10 Olivia Pope Quotes to Get You Through the Week

It’s time to channel your inner gladiator

Insight & Commentary

10 Awesome War Heroines You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

You probably don’t know these names, but you definitely should.

Insight & Commentary

My Not-Hard-or-Fast Rules for Work-Life Balance

A candid reflection on how I set (and don’t set) boundaries

Insight & Commentary

Viola Davis and the Corduroy Comeback

The award-winning actress has written a sequel to the children’s book

Insight & Commentary

When Womanhood Means Constantly Looking Over Your Shoulder

Even on vacation, we have to keep our guards up.

Insight & Commentary

Don't Apologize For Being an Angry Feminist

Anger drives activism.

Insight & Commentary

6 Surprising High-Paying College Majors

Think outside the box this semester for a high salary after you graduate

Insight & Commentary

8 Ways Women Are Helping Women at Work

How women in the InHerSight community lift each other up

Insight & Commentary

How Many Male Allies Do You Have at Work?

Women’s issues are everyone’s issues

Insight & Commentary

5 Alternatives to the Same Old Coffee Meeting

Skip the coffee. Take your next business meeting to the ice cream parlor instead.

Insight & Commentary

I Asked Some Women If They’ve Ever Cried at Work. Here’s What I Learned

More have done it than you think, and fewer judge than you might expect

Insight & Commentary

5 Quirky Jobs You’ll Be Surprised People Get Paid For

You do what for a living?!

Insight & Commentary

I Am a Failure

Turns out life doesn’t just abruptly end when you fail

Insight & Commentary

Career Lessons from the Fabulous Women of 'The Bold Type'

We’re serving up our favorite office reminders from this show’s fearless characters

Insight & Commentary

Self-Affirmation: Spells We Can All Get Behind

Put your phone in the other room, light some candles, and get the coven together. We’re about to work some self-love magic, ladies.