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  1. Blog
  2. Insight & Commentary
  3. June 22, 2016

How Female-Friendly is Your Workplace?

InHerSight shines a spotlight on what it's really like for working women.

By InHerSight
How Female-Friendly is Your Workplace?

Data has been gathered, trends identified, analyses studied and statements issued on the hot-button topic of gender equality in the workplace. All of it is done in search of an answer to an important question: What’s it really like for women in the workplace?

Unfortunately, broad, sweeping reports and aggregated data has failed so far to provide a meaningful and accurate answer, particularly if the person asking the question is an individual woman who is evaluating her employment options and seeking an environment that’s set-up to ensure that she’ll thrive.

The question that women in actual offices, executive suites, cubicles and cubbies are really asking is this: What’s it really like for women at your company?

What Women Want

Providing the answer to that question — to help women in their search for companies that are welcoming to them — is what inspired the birth of InHerSight.

The site was launched in January 2015 and has already amassed reviews of thousands of companies, from government agencies to small businesses to household names like Apple, Accenture, Google, Coca-Cola, Walmart, and Microsoft.

Like a Glassdoor or TripAdvisor for working women, InHerSight provides an anonymous platform for current and former employees with firsthand knowledge to rate how female-friendly their employers are. Women (and men) can weigh in on formal and informal policies, as well the overall office culture and environment.

InHerSight's survey is completely anonymous and takes less than three minutes!

Feedback is solicited via a brief three-minute survey that focuses on 15 workplace factors that matter most to working women. These include flexible work hours, maternity and adoptive leave, paid time off, family growth support (e.g. child care, expense reimbursement, lactation rooms, etc.), salary satisfaction, wellness initiatives, sponsorship or mentorship programs, management opportunities for women, and female representation in leadership positions. Site users are encouraged to provide additional feedback through comments, as well.

InHerSight is a unique and valuable tool to help women make smart, informed decisions about what companies they want to work for based on issues that are relevant to their own lives.

This Isn’t Just a "Female Issue"

The mission of InHerSight isn’t solely to parse whether or not a company that touts fair, open, and flexible policies, practices and perks actually delivers on those promises. The deep data InHerSight has amassed serves a much broader purpose.

While the issue of acceptance of women in the workplace has been spilling out of the closet, conversations about solutions are still taking place behind closed doors. At a lot of companies important decisions about gender-related policies are still made via invitation-only meetings where management gets to define the problem as they perceive it and determine how success is measured.

InHerSight brings the discussion out in the open by enabling women who might otherwise not have a real say in a company’s policies to take action and collectively rally for change.

InHerSight's scorecard pages bring actionable information to the discussion.

Companies can’t achieve the ideal of equality without useful, actionable information about their culture. For employers who are interested — or blind to — how their corporate culture is perceived by those who experience it every single day, InHerSight gives them insight into the actual issues that matter most to their employees.

Smart employers will use the ratings and in-depth data sets to focus their resources on improving those areas where their employees say the company is falling short, and truthfully promote those practices where workers say the company excels.

Big Change Happens One Rating at a Time

InHerSight is bringing true transparency and frank discussions about gender equality to the forefront. But it’s up to the people who are directly affected by company culture to take control of the conversation by rating their employers — to recognize companies that are doing things right and help guide positive changes at the ones that aren’t.

Constant, ongoing and measurable feedback en-masse will help re-shape workplaces for women. And it only gets more powerful as more women rate their employers, tell their stories, and guide the positive changes that they want to see.

Take three minutes and help make workplaces better for women.

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