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Company Culture

Everybody's got values, a personal brand -- even employers. Find out which companies have the best work environments and how to find the right work culture for you.


Behavioral Interview Questions: How to Answer & Prepare

Tell me about a time when you had to answer a behavioral interview question


Women Complain About the Office Temperature, But No One Does Anything About It

Brrrr, it’s cold in here

How To

Mean Girls in the Workplace

It’s all fun and games… wait, no it’s not.

Quick Hits

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema Makes History in Arizona


Affirm Confirms: People Really Do Come First

How this company's workplace culture improves business for all

How To

Keeping Your Cool When the World’s on Fire

How to have good days despite all the bad news: on navigating controversial workplace conversations

Insight & Commentary

Dear Employers: I Won’t Act Like a Man

Companies need to value and reward how women lead and contribute

Insight & Commentary

Uber Lawsuits Reveal Sexism in the Startup World

Disruptive? Sure. Progressive? Not so much.


This 175-Year-Old Company Is Anything but Old-Fashioned

Brunswick Corporation strives to create an environment that encourages innovation and helps employees achieve their full potential

Insight & Commentary

Deep Dive: What We Can Learn From FEMA’s Sexual Harassment Crisis

Disturbing allegations, harassment in #MeToo, and what to do if you’re being harassed at work

How To

4 Things to Consider Before Canoodling with a Coworker

“The Office” made work relationships look so easy

Data & Research

31 Reasons Why Women Want to Leave Their Jobs

Thousands of women are yearning for a new career experience, and they’ve shared why that's the case

Data & Research

On the Job Hunt? Look For These 3 Things in Company Reviews

Does your potential employer walk the walk or just talk the talk? InHerSight reviews uncover the reality of workplaces for women.

Working Women

HBO's Bernadette Aulestia Shares 5 of Her Secrets to Success

We cover calling out company policies, tackling imposter syndrome, the value of a good boss and more

Insight & Commentary

Check Out These Fab New Alternatives to Working from Home...For Women!

These coworking spaces have everything you could possibly need

How To

How to Navigate a New Work Culture

We spend a ridiculous amount of time at work — here are a few tips for making the best of it

How To

8 Ways You Can Be a Better Male Ally to the Women You Work With

How to foster diversity and inclusion one ally at a time

Insight & Commentary

5 Outrageous Things Women Have Heard at Work

And tips for how you should respond if you’re on the receiving end of a sexist remark


What Female-Friendly Benefits Look Like at a Company with 64% Women in Leadership

Chronicle Books's efforts are paying off with an average employee tenure of 7 years


Inc. Magazine Named This Company One Of The Best Work Places of 2018

Women of Malouf Director spills how company values translate into behavior