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Ah, yes, the dreaded d-word. Diversity can be loaded territory in the workplace. Even though having a diverse taskforce is proven to increase productivity, too many companies treat it simply as empty lip service. Here's the ways diversity can help you and your company (present and future).

Maternity Leave

15 Companies Offering ‘Returnship’ or Return-to-Work Programs

We see you, tech

How To

A Guide to Gossiping Well

How to live out Natalie Portman's golden rule and topple the patriarchy one rumor at a time

Quick Hits

Lift on House Headwear Ban Hopefully Soon to Come


Affirm Confirms: People Really Do Come First

How this company's workplace culture improves business for all

Insight & Commentary

Don't Apologize For Being an Angry Feminist

Anger drives activism.


Questions About the Intersectional F-Word, Answered

Why it’s so important to note the diversity of women’s experiences

Insight & Commentary

Uber Lawsuits Reveal Sexism in the Startup World

Disruptive? Sure. Progressive? Not so much.


This 175-Year-Old Company Is Anything but Old-Fashioned

Brunswick Corporation strives to create an environment that encourages innovation and helps employees achieve their full potential

Insight & Commentary

Elastigirl Kicked Ass (And Fragile Male Egos) in Incredibles 2

How anti-woman criticism of the film reveals more about the viewer than the actual movie

Data & Research

Our Rights According to Brett Kavanaugh

What do we actually know about Kavanaugh’s judgement?

Working Women

How KR Liu’s Advocacy Sparked a Movement for Disability Inclusion

Insights on technology, inclusivity, mentorship, and more, from an inspirational accessibility advocate


What Female-Friendly Benefits Look Like at a Company with 64% Women in Leadership

Chronicle Books's efforts are paying off with an average employee tenure of 7 years

How To

How to Find Your Flock in a New City

I just moved to NYC — here's how I plan to find a supportive community

Insight & Commentary

“Ocean’s 8” Delivers on Diversity But Fails to Live Up to Its Predecessors

Here's why that's O.K.

Working Women

Meet the Woman Who Makes Sure Employers Behave

We met up with EEOC Commissioner Charlotte Burrows and here's what we learned


Microsoft, Mindy Kaling, Pregnancy Discrimination, and More

Badass women and the news that affects them


A Company that Offers 4 Months of Paid Parental Leave? Indeed!

How finds people jobs they love while making sure their employees love theirs, too

How To

How Diverse is Your Mentorship?

The importance of being intentional when picking mentors

How To

To Hire Well, Check Your Baggage

5 practical steps to ensure that implicit bias doesn't short circuit your diversity hiring goals


A Peek Behind the Curtain at One Company's Strategies for Promoting Diversity

Hanover Research takes a multi-channel approach to creating a safe environment for all employees