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Working Women

At InHerSight, we know women work hard. Discover all things related to being a badass woman in the workforce, CEO or intern.

Working Women

Meet the Woman Making Quality Education Affordable for All

25-year-old Charlie Javice shares the most important lesson she's learned in her career

Working Women

11 Powerful Shonda Rhimes Quotes to Live By

The most successful female showrunner also dishes out amazing advice

Working Women

Debra Simon: The Inspirational Woman Behind Carolina Woman Magazine

The magazine that gives professional women in the Triangle their hard-earned recognition

Working Women

Blair Brettschneider Provides a Supportive Community for Young Refugee Women

The GirlForward founder tells all about her motivations and challenges as a nonprofit founder

Working Women

These Two Women Turned Their Passion for Food into a Career

From writing about 13-cent ramen to building a multimillion dollar media company.

Working Women

Amazing Women Doing Amazing Things on Every Continent

These women are making a difference all over the world

Working Women

Empowering Women Through Adventure: Lessons from Co-Founders Danielle Thornton and Allison Fleece

“Success is finding your passion and stopping at nothing to light that passion on fire.” These two women follow their passions daily, and so can you.

Working Women

HBO's Bernadette Aulestia Shares 5 of Her Secrets to Success

We cover calling out company policies, tackling imposter syndrome, the value of a good boss and more

Working Women

7 Absolutely Inspirational Female CEOs You Need To Know

Women who remind us all that anything is possible

Working Women

The Ceiling Shatters for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Why the 28-year-old Democrat is an inspiration to all

Working Women

How Kristen Baughman Is Having Her Cake...and Promoting It Too

Plus: Her delicious secret to persevering through the tough times

Working Women

How KR Liu’s Advocacy Sparked a Movement for Disability Inclusion

Insights on technology, inclusivity, mentorship, and more, from an inspirational accessibility advocate

Working Women

How Catt Sadler Transformed an Injustice Into a Quest for Equal Pay

Commentary on the wage gap and how employers can do better from an anchor-turned-activist

Working Women

Kristen Powers on Making a Difference in Your Community

From being recognized by the White House to producing a documentary as a teenager, we can learn a lot from this young woman's fearlessness and drive

Working Women

Meet the Woman Who Makes Sure Employers Behave

We met up with EEOC Commissioner Charlotte Burrows and here's what we learned

Working Women

This Rapper Insists Women Can Have It All

Lessons from Cardi B on working hard and having a family

Working Women

9 Ways Women Are Reshaping the Business World

Happy Valentine's Day! This year, we thought we'd share a few of the things we love that women are doing to shape the world.

Working Women

Need New Friends? Pamela Newenham of GirlCrew Can Help

Have you ever wanted to make plans with a friend, only to find that everyone you know in your city is tired, sick, busy, or some combination of the three? So have we.

Working Women

Sustainable Beesness: Leigh-Kathryn Bonner of Bee Downtown

Some people might run screaming from bees, but this female founder is convincing companies and cities to embrace them.

Working Women

Get Schooled: Sana Farooq on the Importance of Accessible Education

If you’re reading this, you have access to an internet-enabled device...and a quality education, if Sana Farooq of ELN gets her way.